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These cigars are hand rolled in Nicaragua and made from the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos. The synergy between the tobaccos and the uniquely aged wrapped brings a blend of stogie excellence that often experienced in an affordable brand.rolling the perfect handmade cigar is an artisanal skill, and one that takes many years to fully master. Blending tobacco is as much art as it is science. We have commissioned seasoned experts to bring to you, AJT Luxury Cigars.

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What our test smokers say

This is the most even burning blend that I have smoked in a while.

Cigar bar owner

This blend perfectly pairs with a smooth brandy

Hotel -cigar Lanai owner

This is absolutely a high-end stick in an affordable brand .

Cagar bar owner

This is our new brand, it hits my every check mark as it pertains to a good cigar.

Avid Smoker

See behind the scenes of making sigars

Our Process

It’s often said that 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before it makes it to
your humidor. Some claim the number is even higher. Suffice to say, every
time you light up a cigar, many, many people with many different skills all
contributed to bring you the ultimate handmade product.

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